Does maintaining credit reduce creditworthiness?

Asking for a loan can be very troublesome: on the one hand, we would like to help our friends’ dreams and goals, and on the other hand, we are afraid of the risks involved. According to data from the Credit Information Bureau, about 300,000 people agreed to become a resident last year. Before you make

Types of loans: everything you need to know

Many people take out loans because they need to make a purchase or payment and do not have the full amount needed at that time. Whether to pay a debt, buy a car or complement the value of a purchase, the loan is an option for those who need money with some urgency. There are

Pay Attention to Payroll Loans

Borrowing money via payroll loans became a craze among Brazilian workers and retirees. Comparing the balance made available in the last four years, the modality grew 74.85% among public servants and 113.8% among workers in the private sector, according to data from the Cream Bank. Lower interest rates than those applied to overdraft, the possibility

Costs of a loan file at the bank

Do you want to open a loan file and are you curious about the costs involved? The various institutions, such as the bank and the notary, are bound by legislation that determines what costs they may charge. Be well advised in advance about these costs, so that you will not be faced with any surprises